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2009 - Greece

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Monday 5 October 2009 by Antoine
Revolutionary Greetings to all the comrades from the Fourth International, sympathizers and camp participants from the Young Cadres’ Conference and the Youth Commission of the RWPM. Since 2004, the RWPM was able to send young comrades to the international camps in Europe despite the (...)

Students permanent workshop (2009 - Greece)

Sunday 20 September 2009 by Antoine
The economic crisis that we are facing today is not a financial one, generated by the establishment’s misconduct. It’s a capitalist structural crisis that deals with the whole political, economic and social system. In the face of the liquidation of banks and building societies, with hundreds of (...)

Camp program 2009 (2009 - Greece)

Monday 1 June 2009 by Antoine
time Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8h-9h30 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast 9h-10h delegation delegation delegation delegation delegation delegation 10h-11h forum Capitalism crisis, economic & ecologic aspect (...)

Pictures of the place of the 2009 Camp (2009 - Greece)

Sunday 4 January 2009 by Antoine

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